Do you know our star machine?

There is a kind of machine that received rave reviews as soon as it was unveiled at the Zhejiang Yiwu International Intelligent Equipment Expo. In just a few days, more than 10 intended customers were obtained online. It is multifunctional high-speed composite metal sheet machine.

trapezoidal roofing sheet machine

Customers can inspect the goods with peace of mind even if they are thousands of miles away. During the epidemic, in order to better expand their business, GEIT Group launched a global live broadcast, running 24 hours a day, introducing products to customers in three main languages, including English, Arabic, and French, and answering customers’ various questions online at any time.

In the global environment, customers are affected by the epidemic. Although they cannot come to the factory to inspect the goods, we can still establish a video connection dialogue and patiently explain the product process, performance, operation, etc. to customers, like IBR, glazed tile roll forming machine and so on.