How to maintain the roof sheet machine in winter

Cold forming machine can face some special challenges in winter, as snowy weather is usually accompanied by lower temperatures and possible adverse weather conditions. GEIT GROUP reminds you to pay attention to machine maintenance.

roof sheet machine

1. Keep the roof sheet machine clean, do not dirt too much, which will affect the normal operation of the machine.

2. The machine can not be stopped for a long time.Even if there is no project or order in winter, we should start the machine timely.Keep the machine running for about 10 minutes.

3. The chain of the roofing tile forming machine should be oiled in time to ensure its normal operation.So that it can not occur jamming phenomenon.

4.Pay attention to the maintenance of the motor. For snowy weather, especially after heavy snow, the motor should be covered with a protective cover.

5.The lower temperature may have an impact on the performance of the equipment. Hydraulic oil may become more viscous, affecting the lubrication and operation of the equipment.Therefore, pay attention to the maintenance of the hydraulic station in winter, and you can add an antifreeze cover.

Do the above points, the machine can basically winter, hope new and old customers pay attention to this problem.