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Since our company establish, the accumulated number of export countries exceed 15. And we have established good partnership with many famous company.

GEIT Group providing one-stop service to global markets with our high quality products and excellent service concept.We have our own technical team and provide you with the best solution. We turn ideas into end-to-end solutions of technological excellence to create added value for our customers.
GEIT GROUP team start the current business from 1998. After long time experience in metal industry fields, now GEIT focus on innovation and improvement in industry technology and system. GEIT GROUP is a professional company on supply and services of steel manufacturing industry, providing one-stop service of steel manufacturing industry supply to global markets with our high quality solutions and excellent service concept. We develop the plant equipment technologies and steel utilization technologies that we have accumulated in the steel manufacturing industry to promote social and industrial infrastructure projects across the global.

GEIT Group aim to improve and promote the industry system, supply high value products and solutions to our customers all over the world. By the way of acquistion or becoming a shareholder of the companies which is advanced and promising in their fields and improve working quality, we grow up and share value with partners, facing and solving the challenges. With the factories, R&D centers and supported systems in China and abroad, we keep high performance service to clients in global industry markets.




Anti-condensation felt machine

The perfect Metal Buildings must pay attention to climate. During winter, the big difference of temperature between day and night is easy to cause condensation. If not considered in the design stage, condensation will greatly reduce the service life of the building and affect the functionality. The cost of maintena ... + Read more

Roller shutter door forming machine

The production line consists of uncoiler, guide piece equipment, roll forming section, cutter, bracket, hydraulic system, control system and so on.The roll curtain produced by this machine has neat appearance, even waviness, high utilization rate and strong strength.   Process Flow of High Quality Roller Shu ... + Read more

Double layer roll forming machine of glazed and IBR tile

Double layer machine of glazed tile and IBR tile rolling machine is designed to make the glazed tile and IBR tile by rolling forming machine in batch fully automatically. Glazed tile roof sheet Double Layer Roll Forming Machine is widely used in many kinds of industrial factory, civilian buildings, It has advanta ... + Read more

Glazed title roll forming machine

The glazed tile roll forming machine has a high level of design and manufacturing in the competition of domestic suppliers. Glazed tile roll forming machine Especially in manufacturing, assembly and material use.The company has advanced production equipment and a professional team with more than 20 years of design ... + Read more


Large round–to–square tube shaped unit The main products of square rectangular pipe forming machine include: 200 square, 300 square, 400 square, 500 square, 600 square and 1000 square forming units. The large-scale thick-walled special-shaped pipe forming unit produced by our company adopts the “circul ... + Read more


Overview The uncoiler, as the name implies, is the process of opening the steel coil and introducing a section of the steel coil into the later operation. This is the function of the uncoiler. In various production, the uncoiler has played an important role. The uncoiler can also avoid uncoiling and adjust the tens ... + Read more

Entry looper

Entry looper Overview The Entry looper is also called strip accumulator/Inlet looper/entry tower, it allows the steel (aluminium) strip to be carried out without stopping the process line. It widely used at continuous color coating line, galvanizing line, cold rolled annealing pickling line etc. It consists of a c ... + Read more

Hot strip mills(Steel)

Overview Hot strip mills from GEIT GROUP as all-round plants for high-quality hot strip. They are designed to produce flat steel from thin strip with a minimum final gauge of 1.2 millimeters to high-strength pipe steels up to 25.4 millimeters thick, including stainless steel grades. Implemented here are many techn ... + Read more