Routine check and preparation of roller shutter door making machine

Cold roll forming is a kind of material saving, energy saving and high speed metal forming process. Cold roll forming is a multi-pass forming roll equipped in sequence. The coil, strip and other metal plates are constantly curved to make a specific section of the profile. In the roller shutter door roll forming process only circuitous deformation. In addition to the slight thinning of some parts of the steel plate, the thickness of the raw material remains unchanged during the molding process. This processing method is especially suitable for the processing of steel with long shape and large batch.

Before using the steel roller shutter door forming machine, it is necessary to prepare and check before operating the machine. After completing the inspection work, then check whether the upper roller and the lower roller are fit when the machine is running. The next step is to check some devices at each point and whether they meet the requirements of machine operation. It is worth noting that the various parts are returned to their original positions before operating the machine. If it is not in place, adjust it to the correct position. Let the machine idle for 1 to 2 minutes before the machine is officially run, in order to solve some unnecessary minor problems. After confirming that there is no problem with the machine, proceed to the next step. The machine is directed by one person to avoid the disorder of multiple people joining the whole workflow. The next step is to operate the machine correctly.
After using the machine to finish the production of steel plates, shut down the machine in the correct order. In particular, remember to check whether all parts of the power circuit is turned off.

Roller shutter door roll forming machine