Are anti-corrosion and heat-insulating tiles both thermal insulation and anti-corrosion?

Nowadays, the application of anti-corrosion and heatinsulating tiles has become more and more extensive, and can be applied to the buildings of some factories, the roof applications of some bus stations and passenger stations, the roof engineering of chemical plants, automobile production workshops and so on.

Its advantages are obvious. Firstly is corrosion and aging resistance. Anti-corrosion tiles can be corroded by various chemicals and have a long service life. Secondly is excellent weather resistance and fire resistance. Anti-corrosion tiles are processed at one time by two-layer or three-layer technology. The surface material is super weather-resistant resin, which can ensure the weather resistance of the anti-corrosion tile. Next is sound absorbing and thermal insulation. The anti-corrosion tile has a good function of absorbing noise and has a strong thermal insulation performance. According to testing, the thermal insulation effect is 2,000 times that of metal materials. Fourthly, wind and earthquake resistance. Anti-corrosion tile has good bearing capacity, can resist wind, snow and earthquake. Importantly, it is easy to install. When installing the anti-corrosion tile, there is no need to reserve an expansion port, and it can be fixed directly by drilling, which is convenient and fast.

Anti-corrosion and heat insulation tiles not only retains the original functional characteristics of the color steel tile, but also incorporates new performance, which satisfies the customer’s application in the actual steel construction and solves the customer’s safety concerns. Now we can provide all kinds of cold roll forming machine, welcome to contact us!