Heavy plate mills(Steel)

Heavy plate mills(Steel)

One of most important products of GEIT GROUP is heavy plate.Because heavy plate covers a vast range application. Used in the ship building industry, the construction of boilers and pressure vessels or wind turbines.So the ideal choose of these products is heavy plate mills. The heavy plates produced in GEIT GROUP established itself on the market as referential in terms of quality and flexibility provided to customers in the required size. As a professional supplier, GEIT GROUP offers you the complete technology spectrum from reheating furnaces to heat treatment including mechanical engineering, electrical and automation systems, and process know-how.


Pipe grades, shipbuilding steel, pressure vessel and boiler grades, high-strength construction steel. Up to 5,400 mm 5 – 400 mm Up to 1.5 million t/year
(1-stand mill)
Up to 2.0 million t/year
(2-stand mill)

1.Plate rolling
The mill line is the core of the heavy plate mill line.We supplied the most powerful heavy plate mill all over the world.With our advanced technology the productivity can be increased.
2.Plate cooling
Plate cooling systems from GEIT group ensure cost-effective production of a large variety of steel grades. Included here are advanced high-strength materials with excellent flatness and precise mechanical properties.
3.Plate leveling
We design and supply pre-levelers, hot plate levelers and cold plate levelers with special features to guarantee the demanded flatness throughout the entire production process.
Our heavy-plate shears are designed to cut plates up to 60 mm thickness with exact width and length and excellent edge quality.
5.Heat treatment
With our innovate design and technology ,they make heat treatment of heavy plate more efficient, precise, and flexible.


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