How are our containing and shipping?

For cold roll forming machines need containers to load, one container can load 3 sets machine normally. If we load the glazed tile machine, one container will load 2 sets. Before loading to container, we will check the machine first.

Second, make some protection on the machine. Such as, we will make the plastic package on the easy damage parts, paint the anti rusty oil on the roller and shaft, in case the roller and shaft got corrosion and rusty during long time delivery.

Third, we will fix all the parts into container by the steel wire rope. And ensure the machine such as IBR machine or CZ purlin machine will not damage when shaking on sea. At last, we will take photos and videos for customer when loading to container, so that the customer can take out the machine easily when receive the goods.Here is our shipping news about CZ purlin machine, if you are interested, you may have a look.