If you don’t need some part of the roofing sheet machine, can we reduce the price?

The roofing sheet is mainly made by IBR Galvanized Steel Roll Forming Machine. And it has light weight, anti-corrosive, fireproof, high strength and beautiful appearance and rich color. It is widely used in workshop, warehouse and carport.

During we talk with our customers, they usually ask us if they don’t need some part of the machines, can we reduce the price? Today let me introduce this kind of problems.

About this question, you need to understand the composition of the roofing roll forming machine. The TR4/TR5 panel making machine including 5 separate parts, means decoiler, main roll forming machine, collecting product table, PLC control cabinet and hydraulic station. The decoiler used for uncoiling the coil, the main roll forming machine is aimed to produce the product, the collecting product table is aimed to collect the product, the PLC control cabinet is the control system of the whole line, and the hydraulic station provides the power for shearing. Each part is necessary.  If yo want the hydraulic decoiler and automatic stacker, you need to pay extra money.