Pickling lines

Pickling lines

Pickling lines
GEIT GROUP provide economic and ecological pickling lines.The lines are outstanding for their high pickling performance as well as low maintenance and operating costs over a long service life.
Pickling lines remove any rust and scale from hot-rolled strips. The process is based on conveying the strip through hydrochloric acid baths to dissolve the surface oxides. The pickling process largely depends on the chemical composition of the material, the temperature of the baths, bath agitation, acid concentration and the length of the tanks.
pickling line
Line Types

  • Push-pull pickling line
  • Semi-continuous pickling line
  • Continuous pickling line
  • Pickling line / tandem cold mill

1.Most efficient descaling without over pickling
Acid injection under high pressure in a flat channel with immersion covers to prevent evaporation.
2.Recuperator tank
Energy savings and lower acid consumption due to surface pre-treatment with waste acid.
3.Acid regeneration plants
Closed acid circulation saves operations costs in compliance with all environmental standards.