The uncoiler, as the name implies, is the process of opening the steel coil and introducing a section of the steel coil into the later operation. This is the function of the uncoiler. In various production, the uncoiler has played an important role.

The uncoiler can also avoid uncoiling and adjust the tension on the strip.This is how the uncoiler of the welding line can avoid the recoil of the end of the strip before it is bitten by the next device after the tape is opened. The process is shown as the below.

  1. Insert the steel roll into the uncoiler mandrel, and meanwhile, expand the mandrel to tension and fix the steel roll. The uncoil mandrel is driven to rotate by variable-frequency AC motor, so as to make the steel plate to maintain the required certain back tension.
  2. The uncoil mandrel is cantilever type and is driven by chains and standard reducer.
  3. The gearbox base is made up by heavy steel plate.
  4. In the mandrel, there are four expandable valves, and the expanding and retracting of the valves are controlled by the revolving hydraulic cylinder at the mandrel tail.
  5. There are four main sliding blocks made of bronze.
  6. The maximum diameter of the expanded mandrel with rubber sleeve is 508mm or 610mm.

Technical Parameters
Size of steel roll:
— Outer diameter of steel roll: Maximum of Ø 1500mm
— Inner diameter of steel roll: Minimum of Ø 508
— Width of steel roll: 800-1250mm
Maximum steel roll weight: 15-25 t
Frame and base: Welding low carbon steel
Mandrel and pull rod: 40Cr
Valve: Cast steel
Main sliding block: Casting aluminum brass
— Retracting size: Diameter of 450mm
–Expanding size: Diameter of 508mm
Rubber sleeve: Thickness of 51mm
Mandrel expanding and retracting:
— Expanding and retracting actuator: One rotating hydraulic cylinder


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