Brief description of of 450 Semi-continuous hot rolling steel strip production line process flow


The continuous casting billet is transported by crane into the rolling table, which is transported to the step heating furnace by the loading machine. Heating furnace with End-in and Side-out. Raw material inside the furnace is heated to about 1100℃ to 1250℃, by tapping machine sent to out on the table, the high pressure water descaling removal of billet surface oxidation iron.

The slabs are drawn out onto the rolling table, and the surface of the billet is cleaned by high-pressure water descaling machine. In addition to the scale, the steel billet is fed into 3H-rolling mill. Based on the rolling finished product of strip thickness and steel grade is different, after five rolling, the slab rolling to the thickness of the strip in the middle of the 30~40mm. Head off arrangement between finishing rolling and rough rolling.

Middle of the strip rolling by the table into the finishing mill group, finishing mill group composed of two edger mills and eight horizontal mills, the arrangement is “E1-F1-F2-E2-F3-F4-F5-F6-F7-F8”, F1-F3 stands are 2H mills, F4-F8 stands are 4H mills. A fixed shear is set before finishing group. There are electric loopers between stands, and ensure constant micro tension rolling strip steel. Strip finishing temperature control between 850℃ to 950℃. The maximum speed of strip is 7.5m/s.

The rolled strip is fed into the flat chain conveyor by twisting guide groove, pinch roll, three-branch guide plate, water-cooled guide groove and oscillator. At the outlet end of the flat chain, the strip head is lifted by manual pliers and fed to the outlet pinch roll. After five rolls tension leveller, the strip head is fed to the vertical coiler(core-shrinking type) for coiling. The coil is transferred to the coil conveyance roller by the coiler, and packed manually by welding the tail of the coil at the side of the tightening machine. Finally, the coil is transported to the hydraulic winder and V-shaped guide channel to collect the coil. The 2-5 coils are packed manually and stacked by the crane.