Process flow of Coil color coating line unit–Operation of entry section

Before loading, firstly unpack the raw material coil artificially and then lift it onto No.1 or No.2 coil car by crane.
Cut off the strip of the coil, start the coil car to send the coil to the front of the pat-off reel cylinder, and after alignment, send it into the pay-off reel cylinder. The pay-off reel cylinder is rolled out by hydraulic pressure and “hoops” the coil on the cylinder. Meanwhile, the coil car declines and returns to the waiting position for the next coil.
The head of coil is fed into the pinch roll by means of the threading bench of pay-off reel and artificial assistance, and the strip is sent by the pinch roll to the front of the sewing machine for sewing up.
When the tail of the previous coil reaches to certain length, the entry section of unit decelerates in running. When the tail of the coil enters the sewing machine, the entry section stops, and when the head and the tail of two coils enter the sewing machine, the sewing machine is started to join the two coils.