What are the benefits of composite board insulation roof panels?

High-quality metal plate is used as the substrate material, the first layer is imported cured adhesive film, and the second layer is spectral reflection aluminum foil. Nano-coated anti-corrosion board, steel structure design enclosure metal heat insulation board, suitable for various projects with high indoor temperature comfort requirements.

The upper and lower materials of the Nano anti-corrosion tile can effectively block the sun’s ultraviolet rays, block part of the heat, and the special heat-insulating cold film can absorb or reflect the heat of the sun

Anti Acid and alkali resistance metal roofing sheet can prevent the heat energy from being transferred to the intermediate metal layer, thus playing the role of heat insulation, effectively improving the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, and at the same time. It also has the functions of noise reduction, flame retardant, strong weather resistance, and no fading.