GEIT GROUP teach you how to choose a tile roll forming machine in detail

Chinese medicine to see a doctor pays attention to a look and hear, the purchase of a IBR roof sheet machine , the same need to “look at the smell and ask cut”, for the steel corrugated roof machine, at first glance are the same, as long as after careful observation, careful analysis, the same can buy satisfactory products.

trapezoidal roofing sheet machine

I have a few methods here that you can learn from.

1.Look at the workmanship. Take what you see with the naked eye, first of all, the color of the spray is not correct.

2.Look at the material. Look at whether the materials used in the main plate and H steel meet the required standards, and see if each screw is of good quality and high strength.

3.Look at the electrical control system. Look at whether the electrical control system is produced by regular manufacturers, electrical is very important, and every production link of the machine must be controlled and completed by it.

4.This should start from the selection of raw materials for the production of the tile roll forming machine and the assembly level of the workers, the selection of raw materials determines whether the machine is easy to deform and the service life, and then there is the manufacturing process, process and assembly level that also determines the quality of roofing sheet machine.